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There are many goods as “Edomaru”, which is a mascot character of the museum. There are also classic toys, postcards, etc. Find your souvenir here!


Restaurant "Kura"

Restaurant "Kura" Inside the "Kura" menu

Kura restaurant is on the upper floor of Old Warehouse-Style Rest House in East Zone. Udon noodle, which is thick wheat flour noodle of Japanese food, is available in various style here.


・Soup dipping udon noodle in Musashino style 630 yen
・Soup dipping udon noodle with wild vegetables 680 yen
・Udon noodle with deep fried vegetables 780 yen
・Sasa Daifuku, a Japanese rice cake rapped with a bamboo leaf 310 yen
・Coffee 360 yen
and more…

*All of prices above includes tax.

■Opening Hours

<Mon. to Fri.>
11:00 -16:00 (Last order 15:30)
<Sat., Sun and holidays>
April to September 11:00-17:00 (Last order 16:30)
October to March 11:00-16:30 (Last order 16:00)

*The menu above and opening hours may be changed.

Cafe "Musashino Sabō"

Cafe "Musashino Chabo"

There is a cafe in a reconstructed architecture House of Georg de Lalande. Coffee and food is served in the residence of classic building.

■Number of seats

Approximately 60 seats


・Coffee 649 yen
・Black tea 649 yen
・Curry Rice (Rice with curry) 1485 yen
・Hayashi rice (Rice with beef and onion, in demi-glace sauce) 1485 yen
and more…

■Opening hours

April to September 10:30-17:00 (Last order 16:30)
October to March 10:30-16:30 (Last order 16:00)

*The number of seats, menu, opening hours may be changed.