Director greeting message

 I became the Director of the Edo-Tokyo Museum in 2016, having succeeded Mr. Makoto Takeuchi.

 Many years have passed since I was first involved with the museum. When the Edo-Tokyo Museum and Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum were established, I was in charge of exhibitions at the former, and head of collections at the latter. I was one of the youngest museum staff members at that time. Although I did not work directly with the first director, Mr. Kouta Kodama, the second and third directors, Mr. Shinzo Ogi and Mr. Takeuchi, were my personal mentors. Ever since these early experiences, I have been involved in the management of the museum as a member of various committees.

 Although the Edo-Tokyo Museum does not have a long history, inevitably there have been many unexpected twists and turns. The efforts and collected wisdom of both internal and external stakeholders have made the museum what it is today. I firmly believe this could not have been realized without Mr. Takeuchi’s administration, and I sincerely appreciate his 18 years of dedicated service as Director. I’m pleased that Mr. Takeuchi will continue to provide us with guidance as Honorary Director.

 We have recently completed extensive renovations of our museum’s permanent exhibition space, and have steadily and consistently mounted successful special exhibitions. As a result of these efforts, the Edo-Tokyo Museum has established itself as the foremost historical museum of Tokyo in both name and content. My mission is to maintain this course.

 Ahead of the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we face several important challenges including training volunteers, improving exhibit signage, and organizing relevant new exhibitions. We look forward to undertaking these projects and would like to thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Edo-Tokyo museum Director Terunobu Fujimori