Barrier Free Information

Barrier Free Information

■Entrance fee

Persons with physically handicapped notebook, love notebook, nursing note books, mentally handicapped notebook health welfare notebooks, and A-bomb survivor health notebooks and up to two attendances of them are free.

■ Admission of assistance dogs (guide dogs, assisting dogs, hearing dogs) for handicapped persons

Entrance accompanied by an assistant dog with disabilities (guide dog, assisting dog, hearing dog) is possible.

■ Wheelchair, Stroller, Wand, Walking Auxiliary Cart

Entrance and viewing by using these items is possible (some buildings are not available for viewing). In addition, wheelchairs and strollers are also provided. Please offer to the information. (free)
※ Place leave the stroller at the entrance of the building.

■ Multipurpose Toilet etc.

Wheelchair toilet ・・・ 6 locations (multipurpose rest room)
Ostomate compatible toilet ・・ Partially compatible

■ Rescue Room

It locates near the visitor center information.

■ Nursing room

It locates near the girls' toilet in the visitor center. We do not have water heaters for conditioning.

■ Diaper change facility

These are 8 places (multipurpose toilet).